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Picks - Animals: 10 Types
Limited quantities! (1 available)
10 pieces: Giraffe, Chick, Dog, Elephant, Mouse, Lion, Tiger, Panda, Bunny, and Monkey. A must for every "bentoist". All Japanese lunch boxes call for picks at times. These are great for kid's lunches. Skewer your favorite items with your favorite character pick!
Picks - Animals: 10 Types
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Butter Scotch Chelsea can be best described as a DELUXE Werthers Original candy. Made with rich butter, these smooth and creamy candies last a long time while giving you full flavor satisfaction! J-san recommended product.
Sweet Japanese white peach flavor! These gummy candies are made by one of the best confectionery makers in the country: Meiji! These are even shaped like tiny peaches too and have a wonderful soft texture. Contains 2200 mg of Collagen which has been proven beneficial for your skin.
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These delicious soft chewable candies are a sweet Japanese Fuji apple flavor and contain 20mg of Vitamin C per candy. The foil resealable pack ensures freshness. Camu Camu are available in a variety of flavors throughout the year.
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Not often do we see a fizzy mango flavored candy...and for it to be Mentos...what a great surprise! A new world flavor series was introduced in Japan so expect a few different flavors throughout the year. Japan always has a wide range of Mentos flavors available and napaJapan stocks them all. Long shelf life so always very fresh!
This special edition Oreo is in a rectangular shape with a rich strawberry chocolate flavor beneath the dark 70% cacao chocolate. Seven individually wrapped mini Oreo bars just bursting fruity strawberry flavor. Fun to munch on anytime! Unique box that opens on the face.
These delicious soft chewable candies have a sour but sweet Japanese yuzu-like flavor and contain 20mg of Vitamin C per candy. Kabosu is usually used to flavor Japanese dishes. The foil resealable pack ensures freshness. Camu Camu are available in a variety of flavors throughout the year.
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