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Candy ramen? Yes, Japanese candy maker Kracie has all bases covered when it comes to recreating popular foods in sugar form. The cool thing about this item is that you make it from scratch. You even get to make candy gyoza dumplings which is a perfect side dish. Even comes with its own mini dish and bowl.
Flavor: Soda & Cola
Brand: Popin' Cookin' (See all 20 types)
Manufacturer: Kracie
This secret flavor kit introduces some new fruity tastes! If you look close enough at the package you will easily be able to figure out what the two base flavors are. Mix them together to create a third Melon Soda flavor! A simple and fun 5-step candy kit where you create the final product. If you really want to know all three flavors please click the picture for a SPOILER.
Weight: 30 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Nerunerunerune (See all 6 types)
Manufacturer: Kracie
Another fun, Do-It-Yourself gummy kit from Kracie. This time around you can create pineapple, soda, and grape flavored ocean creatures. The mold tray has five sea animal shapes plus the kit comes with one background display card (4 in the series.) A great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Would make a fun gift too!
Weight: 18 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Popin' Cookin' (See all 20 types)
Manufacturer: Kracie
DARS is one of Morinaga's standard products. This is a special edition seasonal flavor with a unique salty lemon, white chocolate filling. Delicious milk chocolate surrounds this wonderful filling. There are 12 pieces of these unique chocolates wrapped in a foil packet within the box. Usually available in a few different flavors so mix and match!
Weight: 43 grams
Brand: Dars (See all 10 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Lemon 'Squash' soda is very popular in Japan. Made from high concentrate lemon juice (cordial) it gives you a nice balance of sweet and sour. Just the right amount of carbonation and very refreshing. Beautiful aluminum collectors bottle too!
Volume: 500 mL
Brand: Fanta (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: The Coca Cola Company
What a wonderful unique candy by the makers of Chupa Chups. Enjoy all of the flavor you are used to in their lollies but this time in soft gummy candy form. The foil resealable bag contains lolly shaped gummy candies in 3 soda flavors: Ramune, Cola, and Melon Soda. An excellent balance of sweetness and fizziness with accurate flavoring.
Weight: 80 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Chupa Chups (See all 3 types)
Manufacturer: Made In Japan
Limited quantities! (11 available)
These soft and citrus orange flavored gummy candies have all the flavor of the popular Calpis yogurt drink. They are star shaped and have a sugary coating. Recommend product. Limited edition so stock up!
Weight: 40 grams
Brand: Calpis (See all 4 types)
Manufacturer: Asahi
Limited quantities! (12 available)
Shigekix is powered up 120% for an extreme lip-puckering experience. These sour chewy candies will have you coming back for more so why not stock up today? Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
Weight: 20 grams
Brand: Shigekix (See all 9 types)
Manufacturer: UHA
Limited quantities! (12 available)
Dark Side Mints carry a strong mint flavor that will cut through any taste in your mouth. There are 50 mini tablets per mini plastic case. Both the outer wrap and the case is decorated in Star Wars character designs (random designs.) You will receive two different designs. Limited Edition ahead of the 'The Force Awakens' so stock up. Long shelf life on the candy! Uses Aspartame as a sugar substitute.
Weight: 14 grams
Brand: Black Black (See all 4 types)
Manufacturer: Lotte
Put together a mini plastic toilet, add the water & powders to the tank, and stir the bowl. Watch the delicious foaming candy expand from the bowl. Three flavors included: Cider, Melon, and Strawberry. Very edible! Very odd! Very cute! **WE RANDOMLY CHOOSE THE COLOR unless you order more than one, where we will try to send different ones. This country series has France, America, China, and Japan as toilet options.
Weight: 12 grams
Brand: Heart (See all 2 types)
Manufacturer: Heart
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