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These unusual candies do more than just satisfy your taste buds. They color them too! In fact, they are not recommended for kids under the age of six here in Japan...perhaps young children will get scared of a blue tongue? Really cool packet design. Limited edition release. Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
Weight: 25 grams
Manufacturer: UHA
If you like coffee and chocolate with a unique texture, you will love these. Each packet contains eight mini coffee flavored chocolates filled with either coffee jelly or creamy white filling and coffee bean bits. Each piece is delicately wrapped ready to be devoured. Limited Edition so act fast!
Quantity: 8 x 5 gram
Weight: 40 grams
Brand: Tirol (See all 12 types)
Manufacturer: Tirol
These cute ghost shaped gummies are sour on the surface and they have a gumdrop type texture. Each candy contains two flavors: blood orange/muscat grape and grape/peach. Very addictive as they have accurate flavors. Resealable pouch so you can ensure freshness.
Weight: 45 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Twinbow (See all 3 types)
Manufacturer: Kabaya
Grape flavored chocolate surrounding a fizzy ramune sugar tablet. Every child In Japan knows Kyoro-Chan who is the cute bird character found on every box, always dressed up to suit the flavor.
Weight: 23 grams
Brand: Choco Ball (See all 7 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Limited edition! Also this is a limited location release of a rich chocolate Pretz! Lots of cocoa flavor and plenty of sweetness. All of the flavor is baked into the pretzel-like sticks so there is no melting issue. Each stick measures about 10 cm. Handy re-sealable slim pouch for easy snacking! Stock up as these won't be around for long.
Weight: 40 grams
Brand: Pretz (See all 24 types)
Manufacturer: Glico
Introducing a collaboration between Kirin Fire canned coffee and Morinaga's popular BAKE cookies. Rich coffee chocolate baked to perfection. The texture is wonderful as the outside is crispy while the center is soft. You will not go wrong with BAKE (10 pieces per pack.) J-san recommended!

Weight: 38 grams
Brand: BAKE (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
A lovely combo flavor on a classic snack! These limited edition avocado cheese flavored Cheetos are very satisfying. Accurate flavor with a lot of crunch. Cool bag with a Japanese katakana font design. Count on Frito Lay Japan for new and unique products every few months.
Weight: 75 grams
Brand: Cheetos (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: Frito Lay
NOW IN LEMON & MINT FLAVOR! "High Fibre / Fat Blocking" Pepsi is how it is being advertised here in Japan. All the delicious flavor of Pepsi you enjoy but with apparent health benefits. It can stabilize ones glucose level, lower serum lipids, and increase the absorbance of nutrients. An interesting collectable for the avid cola fan!
Volume: 490 mL
Brand: Pepsi Cola (See all 7 types)
Manufacturer: Pepsi Japan
Crunchy and lightly salted fish-shaped, pretzel cookies filled with lemon chocolate filling makes a perfect snack. For a warm treat, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds. How many different shapes can you find in your box? J-san recommended product!
Weight: 43 grams
Brand: Pucca (See all 4 types)
Manufacturer: Meiji
These classic mini pie pastries seem to always be a hit at Japanese parties and get-togethers. A delicious white milk chocolate flavored filling centers a flaky but moist pastry pie. Add them to an ice cream parfait for a tasty dessert. Or try them heated in a microwave for 30 seconds to warm you up! Either way they are tasty!
Weight: 69 grams
Manufacturer: Lotte
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