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Once you get by the cute Snoopy packaging you are treated with lovely crushed chocolate flavored cookies encased in milk chocolate on classic Pocky sticks. 3 packs of 4 sticks per box. Limited edition.
Weight: 42 grams
Brand: Pocky (See all 18 types)
Manufacturer: Glico
Another rare and regional Hi Chew flavor that comes straight from Okinawa, the home of Japanese most delicious tropical fruits! These chews have a rich mango flavor and are extremely juicy. Each pack has a unique picture of Okinawa or regional graphics on it.
Quantity: 12 piece pack
Weight: 55 grams
Brand: Hi Chu (See all 19 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Limited quantities! (19 available)
An extremely rare Puccho flavor which is only found on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa where the famous Shikwasa citrus fruit are grown. They could be described best as a green tangerine. The candy has fruity tart and sweet gummy bits embedded throughout each piece. There are five wrapper designs in all featuring cute characters in an Okinawa setting.
Quantity: 10 pieces per pack
Brand: Puccho (See all 16 types)
Manufacturer: UHA
Limited quantities! (17 available)
Mini Oreo cookies with a very 'Japanesy' green tea creamy latte filling. Famous world brands of candy can come in many formats here in Japan. Fun to munch on anytime! Handy on-the-go size pouch. Limited edition so stock up before they are gone!
Weight: 60 grams
Brand: Oreo (See all 7 types)
Manufacturer: Nabisco
Imagine the taste of grilled corn on the barbecue. These Cheetos have a very accurate flavor. Limited edition with a cool and rare Japanese katakana font design. Count on Frito Lay Japan for new and unique products every few months.
Weight: 75 grams
Brand: Cheetos (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Frito Lay
Fujiya selected a premium green tea to determine this rich Japanese 'matcha' flavor Enjoy these delicious milk chocolate pieces filled with lovely green tea mousse cream. Limited edition so act fast. They are as fantastic as they LOOK!
Weight: 42 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: LOOK (See all 4 types)
Manufacturer: Fujiya
A two-toned limited edition BAKE that carries a lovely crispy brownie flavor. BAKE has become incredibly popular in Japan of late due to their texture, taste, and varieties. Check out the other BAKE flavors we offer. Morinaga makes scrumptious snacks!
Weight: 35 grams
Brand: BAKE (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
CuCu stands for CuTE CuBE candy. Beyond their adorable look they also have a fantastic creamy milk taste mixed with various flavors. A lovely balance of fruity peach and custard tart that would be a nice treat after any meal.
Weight: 90 grams
Brand: CuCu (See all 4 types)
Manufacturer: UHA
Sweet and tangy Texas style steak sauce coats these limited edition chips. A must eat for any Pringles fan. "Once you pop, you can't stop!" Especially with some of these unique Pringles flavors. Beautiful can for collectors.
Weight: 134 grams
Brand: Pringles (See all 7 types)
Manufacturer: Proctor & Gamble
Limited quantities! (11 available)
Soft cubed, marshmallow-like gummies that change texture depending on the temperature. They have a classic 'ramune' white soda flavor and contain collagen which is beneficial for your skin. Delicious with a very unique firmness.
Weight: 37 grams
Brand: Morinaga (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
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