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A great way to sample four flavors in one! Two of the flavors are non-traditional releases as in Peach and Honey Lemon. The other two are Grape and Cider (white soda.) Mitsuya Cider is a popular soda beverage sold in almost every store. Now you can enjoy the same great flavors in candy format. Individually wrapped candies within the plastic bag.
Weight: 136 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Mitsuya Cider (See all 6 types)
Manufacturer: Asahi
Chicken dinner in chip form! Seasoned perfectly but only available for a short time. A must eat for any Pringles fan. "Once you pop, you can't stop!" Especially with some of these unique Pringles flavors.
Weight: 61 grams
Brand: Pringles (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Proctor & Gamble
Limited quantities! (24 available)
Does not ship to all locations
A classic candy recognized by everyone in Japan. Individually wrapped hard candy rings that are brimming with fruity pineapple flavor. Two dozen candies per pack so they will have you satisfied for a long time. Good idea to stock up though. ;)
Weight: 115 grams
Brand: Pine
Manufacturer: Pine
Nabisco Japan throws Ritz lovers a curveball with these sweet and delicious rich strawberry cream filled cracker treats. This red snack pack contains 45 grams of bite sized "sandwiches." Limited Edition so act fast!
Weight: 45 grams
Brand: Ritz (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: Nabisco
Limited quantities! (28 available)
A wonderful combination of sweet 'hachimitsu' honey and creamy butter makes these to drool for! The foil pouch contains a generous 75 grams of product that will satisfy any tongue. It won't be around for long so act fast.
Weight: 75 grams
Brand: Caramel Corn (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Tohato
Limited quantities! (24 available)
Soft cubed, marshmallow-like gummies that change texture depending on the temperature. They have a rich apple flavor that will liven up your mouth. Delicious with a very unique firmness.
Weight: 37 grams
Brand: Morinaga (See all 11 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
A new format of the classic BAKE chocolates. Ten individually wrapped dark bitter (Noir) bites that are similar to a crispy brownie in texture. These mini chocolates are slightly taller than the original ones. Great box for sharing as it opens from the top. You will not go wrong with BAKE. J-san recommended!
Weight: 40 grams
Brand: BAKE (See all 7 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
A limited edition Puccho release that has a pink and white striped appearance which carries a sweet and tart Japanese plum flavor. More plum flavor is found in the gummy candies embedded in the soft candy chew. Act fast because they will likely only be around for a few months!
Quantity: 10 pieces per pack
Brand: Puccho (See all 14 types)
Manufacturer: UHA
The best azuki beans in Japan come from Hokkaido (where napaJapan is located.) Glico combines the sweet beans' wonderful flavor with milk chocolate and coats a crunchy cookie stick. Share these wonderful Pocky sticks with family or friends. Four 21.1 gram packets sticks will have you chomping for some time. Enjoy with tea or coffee.
Weight: 84 grams
Brand: Pocky (See all 18 types)
Manufacturer: Glico
Salted shrimp on the BBQ tastes great anytime! Well why not try this same flavor in Cheetos form? Limited edition bag with a cool and rare Japanese katakana font design. Count on Frito Lay Japan for new and unique products every few months.
Weight: 75 grams
Brand: Cheetos (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: Frito Lay
Limited quantities! (17 available)
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