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Taste 4 fruity Hi Chew flavors in one pack! This collection includes Pear, Grape, Strawberry, and Green Apple flavors. 21 individually wrapped pieces within the foil bag. Won't be around for too long so stock up. Long shelf life!
Quantity: 21 pieces
Weight: 94 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Hi Chu (See all 32 types)
Manufacturer: Morinaga
A new world flavor series is introduced in Japan. Enjoy an accurate tart and sweet pink lemonade taste. Japan always has a wide range of Mentos flavors available and napaJapan stocks them all. Long shelf life so always very fresh!
Quantity: 14 pieces per roll
Weight: 37 grams
Brand: Mentos (See all 8 types)
Manufacturer: Perfetti Van Melle
Mintia is one of the most famous mints in Japan. They are available in so many fresh flavors and have very accurate tastes. 50 mini tablets in this convenient plastic case that can easily slip into any pocket or purse. This is of a lovely grapefruit flavor that will freshen any mouth.
Brand: Mintia (See all 17 types)
Manufacturer: Asahi
Peko Chan must be the most recognized character in the Japanese confectionery world. Sanrio characters are now world famous! The two team up to offer 15 scrumptious 2-tone mini pieces of strawberry & milk chocolate. Various characters shapes in each slim box. Very cute packaging. Limited edition release so stock up.
Weight: 40 grams
Manufacturer: Fujiya
Glico has such a wide range of products and this one has the funniest name of all. Light and crispy cylindrical cookies wrap a cafe au lait (coffee) cream mousse-like filling with crunchy cream bits embedded throughout. Lovely limited edition release.
Weight: 56 grams
Brand: Collon (See all 6 types)
Manufacturer: Glico
Pear soda pop at its finest...because it is Fanta! Accurate sweet 'nashi' flavor with just the right amount of carbonation. Great for collectors too as this product is made by Coca Cola exclusively to the Japanese market. We list a bunch of other refreshing beverages too.
Volume: 500 mL
Brand: Fanta (See all 6 types)
Manufacturer: The Coca Cola Company
Who wants their gourmet breakfast on a chip? One of the most bizarre flavors to come around in some time. Japanese Pringles are now available in a thinner, stout can. A more sturdy version with fewer chips. Still a decent 53 gram portion and this flavor is like none other. A must eat for any Pringles fan. "Once you pop, you can't stop!" Especially with some of these unique Pringles flavors. Beautiful can for collectors.
Weight: 53 grams
Brand: Pringles (See all 15 types)
Manufacturer: Proctor & Gamble
A great way to sample four Calpis hard candy flavors. Fruity, tart and creamy limited edition mix pack. Colorful swirls of grape, orange, and La France pear flavoring decorate the white yogurt based candies. Original yogurt flavor too! Individually wrapped within the plastic bag.
Weight: 96 grams
Flavor: see description
Brand: Calpis (See all 5 types)
Manufacturer: Asahi
Can you identify all of the fruity flavors mixed together in each of these refreshing candies? Look at the pictures on the label to see the full taste menu. An original candy that soothes your throat and livens your mouth. Similar to mini jawbreakers. Hard on the outside with tasty chewable centers.
Weight: 33 grams
Brand: e-ma (See all 9 types)
Manufacturer: UHA
Chocolate on the outside and inside! These lovely soft cookies mimic the classic anpan that are sold at every Japanese bakery. The foil packet within the box contains a generous 55 grams of delicious mini anpan treats which are stuffed with milk chocolate. Recommended product!
Weight: 55 grams
Manufacturer: Bourbon
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